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Shape info

Shape, which is published by Netherlands-based DVS Records, is the first full-length album from Dynamic Lights. It contains 8 songs for a total listening time of about 60 minutes. Shape has been recorded at the beginning of 2004 at Fear Studio (watch the photos from the recording sessions) and features some great sound and impact. This album joins the energy of metal with the depth of progressive rock, in an intense and original recording which is a major milestone for Dynamic Lights' sound. A 12 pages full color booklet enriches the album with great photos and artwork which explores the concept of shape and shapeless.

Title: Shape
Year: 2005
Music: Dynamic Lights
Lyrics: Matteo Infante

click here for the lyrics

1 - In the hands of a siren
2 - Between two parallels
3 - Remembrances
4 - Density
5 - Going to nowhere
6 - One thousand nothing
7 - Connecting
8 - The big show


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Marco Poderi (guitars, acoustic guitars)
Raffaele Mariotti (bass, fretless bass, stick, effects)
Matteo Infante (vocals, backing vocals)
Simone Del Pivo (drums, percussion)
Giovanni Bedetti (keyboards, backing vocals)

Album recorded and mixed at Fear Studio, Alfonsine (Ravenna, Italy).
Engineer: Riccardo "Paso" Pasini
Mastered at Creative Mastering (Forlì, Italy) by Stefano Cappelli
Jamina Jansson's vocals recorded by Andreas "Bagge" Baglien at Bilda Studio (Söderhamn, Sweden)
Artwork, design and art direction: Raffaele Mariotti
Photos: Raffaele Mariotti

Shape on Wikipedia.


Shape reviews and interviews

Here you can find reviews and interviews about Shape, our latest album. Some is in english, some in italian, but also other languages. This section will be updated on a daily basis, because the CDs and Promos just made their way to the media people and reviews are coming one after all. So keep checking this page!

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Buy Shape

Please don't order SHAPE from the DVS website, as they have run out of business and they are not sending the CDs anymore. If you want to buy a copy of Shape, please write us.



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Resurrection info

Recorded and mixed between September/November 2001, “Resurrection” is the first studio album made by Dynamic Lights. The CD contains 4 songs in which melody and power feed off each other in the best way possible, trying to create an original mixture of sounds. The bonus CD Rom track, including one backstage video of the band, enables to comprehend the songs better showing some backstage stuff that led to the final... “Resurrection”.

Title: Resurrection
Year: 2002
Music: Dynamic Lights
Lyrics: Matteo Infante

Straight to the sun
1 - Breath of the earth
2 - Breath of the sun

Rescued from oblivion
3 - Awakening / consciousness
4 - Deception /revenge

CD Rom: Video section - Recording sessions

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Marco Poderi (guitars)
Raffaele Mariotti (bass)
Matteo Infante (vocals)
Simone Del Pivo (drums)
Giovanni Bedetti (keyboards)

Album recorded and mixed at Castriota Studios, Marzocca (Ancona, Italy)
Design and artwork: Raffaele Mariotti
Photos: Marcello Malvaso

Resurrection on Wikipedia.



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We had a lot of reviews of our demo CD. Here you have the links to the websites with the reviews. Some is in english, some is in italian. You can decide which ones you want to read. There also are some interviews.

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Night Lights info

“Night Lights” is the first, significant experience that Dynamic Lights faced with professional recordings. Unfortunately, even if passion and hard work were at their highest, the band faced several problems throughout the entire rehearsal sessions, so “Night Lights” cannot be considered a true display of what Dynamic Lights were in the beginning and, obviously, what they are now! You can also see that the line-up is different to the actual one, and the music, albeit full of bright ideas, feels the effects of the band‘s early rawness. However “Night Lights” can still be considered a great memory of the first steps of Dynamic Lights, and an essential stride forward for the young italian band.

Title: Night Lights
Year: 1999
Music: Dynamic Lights (except “Asymptotic love” composed by Y. Refolo)
Lyrics: Matteo Infante (except “Asymptotic love” written by Y. Refolo)

1- Constant search
2- Wreck
3- Soul destroyer
4- Mind collapse
5- Wreck (part two)
6- Pasting beyond the end of a wave
7- Strain
8- Asymptotic love
9- Coagulation
10- Face

Marco Poderi (guitars)
Raffaele Mariotti (bass)
Matteo Infante (vocals)
Filippo Berlini (drums)
Yuri Refolo (guitars)
* Simone Del Pivo (drums on “Face”)

Album recorded and mixed at Raffa's home
Design and artwork: Raffaele Mariotti
Photos: Stefano Poderi and Raffaele Mariotti




Born as a spin-off proposal of some Dynamic Lights members, "barracuda" is an instrumental trio that covers fusion atmospheres as well as rock themes, inspired by such bands as Tribal Tech or Vital Tech Tones. The project, including also Matteo Infante (on bass) in the beginning, has been definitely a great and exciting ground for the musicians (of Dynamic Lights) to discover new sounds and diverse solutions. The recordings of “barracuda” took place in the summer of 1999. All the tracks were taken from the 2nd up to the 16th of August, including the jam sessions named “Heads down” and “Two four one”. Over dubbings took place in the following weeks, along with the added bonus of the CD Rom data (made by Raffaele Mariotti). The outcome of “barracuda” is very good, but the musicians, young perfectionists indeed, feel some missing vibes amongst the tracks in retrospective.

Title: barracuda
Year: 1999
Music: Simone Del Pivo, Marco Poderi, Raffaele Mariotti

1- CD Rom track
2- Three little pigs
3- Rolling in Rio
4- Static shadows
5- Confusion: Chaos C.D.
6- Confusion: Heads down
7- Confusion: Two four one
8- Easter egg
9- Strain
10- The dancing dwarf

Marco Poderi (guitars)
Raffaele Mariotti (bass)
Simone Del Pivo (drums)

Album recorded and mixed at Raffa's home
Design and artwork: Raffaele Mariotti
Photos: Stefano Poderi and Raffaele Mariotti


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