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This is all the stuff we use: instruments, amps, cables, pedals, drums and so on.
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- Raffa's new handmade custom bass on construction at Manne Guitars:

30 August 2005: I just ordered a new handmade custom bass from Manne Guitars, a great italian guitarmaker. On August 30th 2005 I met Andrea Ballarin, the owner and master luthier, to define together the specifications of the new instrument. During the day we chose the right kind of woods, the electronics, the measurements, the color and everything else. A lot of attention has been paid in choosing the top of the instrument, which is the part that you see on top of the body. In this first batch of photos you can see the raw block of wood being transformed in the final "top", along with some color test. In the following weeks Mr. Manne will provide additional photos documenting the work in progress. So check back! - Raffa


20 September 2005: Here are the photos that Mr. Manne and his team took during the construction of the instrument. More photos when it will be in my hands. - Raffa

22 September 2005: I finally received this masterpiece. It has been built on my specifications, and I can feel it's really mine. It has a sleek design, it's very lightweight, and it has a great mix of woods. It looks like I've been playing it for years, and the manufacturing quality is excellent. Not to mention the sound: the pickup combination that I chose is really awesome, I can get deep low end sounds but also pristine and defined mid-high frequencies - that's great for my tapped parts. Be sure to visit Manne Guitars' website, you won't be disappointed. Thanks to Andrea, Paolo, Stefano and Alessandro for their work! This bass is awesome. - Raffa


Instrument specifications:
- Custom 6 strings bass
- Korina body
- Burled Poplar top
- Neck-Through-Body construction
- Ash/Laminate asymmetrical neck
- Synthetic F-Resin fretboard
- 24 Dunlop 6110 frets
- Passive electronics, 3 controls: volume, splittable volume, tone
- Single coil "WarmTone" pickup at neck
- Double coil splittable (serial/parallel) pickup at bridge
- Fully adjustable 6 strings bridge, including spacing
- Black Gotoh heads
- Standard jack plug + extra balanced XLR plug
- Black Manne logo
- Natural "Honey" color
- Weight 4.3 Kg / 9.4 lbs
- Manne serial 0509103


- Raffa's old Yamaha TRBII 6 strings bass:



- Marco's gear:


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