Photos from the European Tour 2005: Nightingale, Tomorrow's Eve, Dynamic Lights

Photos by Dajana, Oliver, Raffa.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part to the Nightingale Tour for all the time spent together!
So a big "CIAO" goes to Martin, Rainer, Chris, Oliver, Tom, Dan, Tom, Erik, Tom, Paolo, Michael & Danny, Thomas & Jonas and family, Renè & Claudia, Schymy, Dajana, Autumnblaze, and to all the clubs and people who enjoyed the shows.

- Schymy's Pub - Krefeld, Germany (D), April 18th 2005:



- Goudvishal - Arnheim, The Netherlands (NL), April 20th 2005:


- Tour life and backstage photos:


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