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17/12/02: You can now order our cd "Resurrection" from "Killer Clown" mailorder!

13/12/02: We finally set up the first tour dates for 2003. Check out the tour dates section!

23/10/02: In a few weeks, you will be able to buy our cd "Resurrection" from the great mailorder "Killer Clown".
We just started a new collaboration with them, and we're sure it will bring great offers!

16/10/02: After 2 weeks, Dynamic Lights are still in the Top-Ten list of italian webzine "Nero Opaco". We are also happy for jumping from 8th to 5th place. Thank you guys!

19/09/02: These are the guys who have won our CD "Resurrection":

-Giorgio Gugliotta 5/6
-Rino Bucci 5/6
-Leonardo Liberati 6/6
-Jean-François Yapi 6/6
-Daniele Botti 5/6

And the correct answers were:

A) Who designed this website?
3> Raffa
B) During which months "Resurrection" has been recorded?
1> September-November 2001
C) Which member of the band doesn't appear in the "Recording Sessions" video?
4> Pivo
D) What was the name of the Rock Fusion instrumental trio where Simone, Raffaele and Marco played? 1> barracuda
E) At the end of the RockTV video (look in the Media section) you can see the band presenting itself: what is the correct order?
2> Marco, Matteo, Giovanni, Raffaele e Simone.
F) Dynamic Lights are a serious band
2> Absolutely false!

Congratulations to the winners!
We had more than 40 people who participated to this contest...thank you all!
Stay tuned for more future contests.

30/08/02: We are proud to announce a little contest at our website: you can win our CD "Resurrection", if you answer correctly to 4 out of 6 questions. Hurry up, only the first 5 people will get the cd! (Rules inside)
The english page is here. (removed)
The italian page is here. (rimossa)

21/06/02: Dynamic Lights are now listed on Rockweb's artists database. Rockweb.it is the website of the TV channel Rock TV.

15/06/02: There's a new contest at www.disintegration.it , and you can win our CD. Just answer the question!

02/06/02: Dynamic Lights will do an interview for the Rome-based "Radio Onda Libera", on Monday 03/06/02 at 11pm.

22/05/02: Dynamic Lights will be on stage at "Wanted Pub" in Teramo (TE) on 08/06/02.

19/05/02: Today a video excerpt from our past RockTV concert will be on air on "On the road", a RockTV program from 2pm to 3pm

08/05/02: Dynamic Lights will be on air on Monday 20th May on "Database", a music tv show from RockTV. Show will begin at 3pm to 5pm. More info on www.rockweb.it

29/10/02: new interview online at NeroOpaco.it

28/09/02: new review of Resurrection at BeyondWebzine.com

27/09/02: some old photos are now online in the live photos section.

26/09/02: some new photos in Various photos.

24/09/02: a new short, called "bertuccia", is available in the Media section.

23/09/02: "Testing a keyboard player" short is online in the Media section.

22/09/02: some new photos in the gallery - various photos.

19/08/02: new review at Deadtide.com

07/08/02: new Resurrection review at DPRP online.

04/08/02: new Press Release page, with "What people say about us" section.

01/08/02: new interview at Progressiveworld.net

29/07/02: new samples of our songs, now encoded in MPEG4 AAC streaming audio.

28/07/02: new Flash Magazine review of Resurrection.

27/07/02: new Resurrection review from eustakio.com

08/07/02: new metal.it review of Resurrection.

23/06/02: new pics of last concert at Wanted Pub.

22/06/02: new ytsejam.com review of Resurrection.

21/06/02: new wild-zine interview.

20/06/02: new wild-zine review of Resurrection. If you want some more info on this fanzine, write an email to this address: devium@tin.it

17/06/02: the forum is working again now.

16/06/02: new disintegration.it interview.

14/06/02: new stargazer.it review of Resurrection.

09/06/02: new live video from the "Wanted Pub" concert.

02/06/02: new "Rock TV backstage" video now available.

01/06/02: first "recording session" video now available in the media section.

22/05/02: new photos from Dynamic Lights tv appearance on RockTV.

21/05/02: new shapeless.it and i-dbox.com interviews.

20/05/02: now you can buy our cd "Resurrection".

19/05/02: gallery updated.

13/05/02: new shapeless.it review.

12/05/02: new Site Map and Credits page.

09/05/02: new progfreaks.com review.

07/05/02: new metalitalia.com review.

03/05/02: band members biography, new Suburbiamagazine review.

02/05/02: discography, new interviews.

01/05/02: gallery, pr, band info, media section.

26/04/02: gallery, links, contacts, media, pr, credits. Now you can use the Java chat.

22/04/02: the final version of this website is finally ready. You should wait a few days to have all the pages updated. Thank you all for your support!


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